Every New Development Needs Sewer Line Services

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When you're starting a new property development, installing the sewer drainage system is one of the most important steps. If installed incorrectly, sewer lines can have major negative impacts on the safety of the public and environment, and they are not easily fixed once the building is built. At Wicker Construction Inc, we provide professional sewer pipeline installation services you can rely on.

For expert residential or commercial sewer pipeline installation in Shreveport, LA, call Wicker Construction Inc today. We'd love to give you a free estimate for your sewer pipeline installation.

Our sewer pipeline installation process

Our sewer pipeline installation process

The process for residential and commercial sewer pipelines installation is nearly the same, the biggest difference is often scale. When we install your sewer pipelines, we use a three-step process:

  1. Determine the pipe's depth and slope
  2. Dig a trench to lay the pipe
  3. Install the pipe and backfill
We also provide regular sewer line checkups to make sure your pipes are in good condition and remain that way.