After more than 65 years in business Wicker Construction, Inc. understands the importance of a safe working environment for its employees, our risk management and safety focus plays a major role in our everyday processes. That being said, this past year we have focused on enhancements to our risk-management systems to better assure our value to our clients and the communities that we serve. We have worked closely with our risk advisors and loss control department to improve our pro-activity, we have made enhancements to our job site inspections, fleet safety policy, subcontractor agreements, risk-transfer program, employee training manual and our safety incentives program. All of these enhancements have been geared toward increasing our employees, subcontractors and vendors awareness of the cost of risk and the importance of risk management. All employees, subcontractors and vendors are held accountable to the changes that best reflect the core values of Wicker Construction, Inc. Our safety program currently meets or exceeds all local, state and federal requirements if your project should require additional programs we will gladly accomplish those goals.