Keep Groundwater Away From Your Construction

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When working below the natural water table or where excessive ground water is an issue, wellpoint dewatering services can help. The experts of Wicker Construction Inc provide professional wellpoint site dewatering. Our pumps even come with a filtering system that will ensure that the water is clean enough to move to another location.

Wicker Construction Inc is a Shreveport, LA based company that provides services to six surrounding states. Get in contact with us today for dewatering services you can count on.

We'll tackle any project, big or small.

We'll tackle any project, big or small.

With site dewatering you'll be able to ensure that groundwater levels are low enough to not disrupt your project. Common projects that benefit from wellpoint dewatering services:

  • Pipeline construction
  • Water infrastructure pipe installation and repairs
  • High rise construction
  • Basement and building construction
  • Below ground tanks and pools
Call Wicker Construction Inc now to speak with us more about our wellpoint dewatering services. We also offer free estimates.